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Benefits of Systems Integration

The benefits of our system integration services include:

Products and services that serve your customers better.
Improved business processes that add value through efficient exchange among IT systems.
Increased ability to leverage legacy systems, their architecture, and data.
Faster returns on IT investments and lower risks when moving toward Industry 4.0 business and technology architectures such as smart manufacturing or lights-out factories.
Increased productivity through easier and faster access to information and IT resources.
Heightened confidence in data and systems reliability using job analysis and reporting systems.
Faster and less-disruptive future upgrades to the IT architecture and systems.

Mid-Sized System Integrator

Reasons to work with a mid-sized systems integrator:

They work well with both mid-sized and large companies.
They have greater flexibility than larger Tier 1 companies with the same depth in diverse experience and talents.
Mid-sized systems integration companies like Vates are often more flexible, creative, and innovative.
Open to working with smaller non-global companies as well as global companies.
Attract aspirational, disruptive engineers as company culture drives innovation. Out-of-the-box thinkers want to work here because they can make a difference.

Our Clients

Taming the Technology Gaps

The rapidly unfolding digital era requires companies to not only embrace technologies such as Big Data, IoT, Robotics, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Vision to stay competitive, but to innovate with them. 

We speed the evolution of your business by creating a clear path of action and investment that reduces risk and gets your products and services market-ready faster.  We help bring the best technological solutions so you can focus on the business. Digital Transformation is a not option. At Vates, we focus on the technology so you can focus on the business.

Your Strategic Technology Partner

Our system integration services are requirements of almost every trending technology in the Gartner Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2020.

  • Hyperautomation: Automation uses technology to automate tasks that once required humans.
  • Multiexperience: Replaces technology-literate people with people-literate technology.
  • Democratization: Democratization of technology means providing people with easy access to technical or business expertise without extensive (and costly) training.
  • Human augmentation: Use of technology to enhance a person’s cognitive and physical experiences.
  • Transparency and traceability: The evolution of technology is creating a trust crisis. As consumers become more aware of how their data is being collected and used, organizations are also recognizing the increasing liability of storing and gathering the data.
  • Empowered edge: Edge computing is a topology where information processing and content collection and delivery are placed closer to the sources of the information keeping traffic local and distributed will reduce latency.
  • Distributed cloud: Distribution of public cloud services to locations outside cloud providers’ physical data centers, but which remain controlled by the provider.
  • Autonomous things: Utilizing AI to perform tasks usually done by humans. Includes drones, robots, ships, and household appliances.
  • Practical blockchain: An answer to security particularly in the financial sectors, it is a distributed ledger, an expanding chronologically ordered list of cryptographically signed, irrevocable transaction records shared by all participants in a network.
  • AI security: Evolving technologies such as hyperautomation and autonomous things offer transformational opportunities in the business world. The also create security vulnerabilities in new potential points of attack.

“What companies should be most interested in is who can help drive their business forward. The important thing is to be open-minded to considering providers beyond those 15 or 20 that you might hear about that are the global, largest multinational ones.”

Liz Herbert, principal analyst with Forrester Research Inc.

Confused between Using a Mid-Size or Tier 1 System Integrator for Your Projects?

When considering system integrator companies for your next project or for developing a long-term strategic relationship, it can be tempting to go with Tier 1 systems integrators (SI). Household names like Deloitte, Accenture, CapGemini, Cognizant, Tata Consultancy, and Infosys create trust because, well, they are well-known. But, just because they sound familiar does not mean a large systems integration consultancy is the right choice for your business. In fact, we work on SI projects alongside these big firms because savvy businesses understand the benefits of both large and mid-sized system integrators like Vates. 

Large-scale enterprise-wide systems projects often benefit from the Tier 1 integrators, but even those projects like most small and medium-sized business infrastructures have unique technological needs especially in emerging technologies that larger systems integrators are not skilled in or not flexible enough to provide. That is where Vates stands above the rest. 


Vates’ culture is one of continuous learning and challenge. Our systems engineers are always learning and experiencing new technologies and frameworks and working to integrate them with other technologies, especially larger companies’ legacy systems. Larger systems integrators often focus on the more mainstream challenges leaving even Fortune 100 businesses scrambling to find the expertise needed for some projects.


Our Certifications

Comprehensive IT Integration

Vates’ systems integration engineers bring a breadth and depth of experience that benefits our clients. We analyze and design for complete solutions that effectively interconnect applications, hardware, networks, and other IT components into one cohesive responsive whole.

Vates delivers your business goals in an efficient and safe environment that promotes high performance, reliability, and integrity of your information management processes.

We offer assistance throughout your integration program from consulting and advising to clarification of business needs through to design and implementation of a holistic systems integration solution.

When You Need SI Services

When you want to:
Improve the quality of what you deliver and satisfaction of your customers.
Improve technology supporting business processes.
Introduce a new platform, system, or architecture.
Create continuous communication or data exchange between IT systems.
Exchange data between different vendors’ databases.
Implement a subset of features of one system to integrate with other applications.
Consolidate disparate IT solutions in a single environment.
Extend functionality of existing systems through new development or by upgrading software versions.

Scope of System Integrator Services

  • Business process integration consulting
  • IT systems integration consulting
  • In-depth analysis and design of IT platforms
  • High-availability solution design, implementation and cluster administration
  • Distributed computing and virtualization
  • Implementation of and migration to new systems
  • Post-implementation support

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