Not Your Average Nearshore Software Development Company

We help your company go through its digital transformation process making it into an agile and exponential company.  

A Different Nearshore Software Development Company

Nearshore software development companies are attractive to IT companies looking for project partners for many reasons. But how do you choose which is right for your projects? Look for signs that your outsourcing partner candidates demonstrate quality and know-how in important areas that directly affect your projects’ success:

Proven quality software development processes
High employee satisfaction
Exemplary talent acquisition process

How Vates Stacks Up

Software Development

Agile certified experts, CMMI Level 5, and ISO9001 certification

Vates Lab drives adoption of emerging technologies resulting in innovation

28+ years of software delivery experience

3 development centers 

Employee Satisfaction

95% employee satisfaction rating due to effective leadership and balanced workloads and clarity of scope offered by CMMI Level 5 processes

Turnover 5% below industry average

Talent Acquisition


Exclusive selection and evaluation processes, Talent 

Top 1% hired from our database of 25,000+ candidates

Team ramp up by 10% faster than industry average

500+ engineers, project managers, and contributors

All of the typical benefits anticipated from nearshoring apply to Vates from lower costs to highly diverse technical skill sets to to similar culture and time zones. These benefits apply to most nearshore outsourcing companies. But as you can see from the highlights above, Vates is a cut above. This translates to more reliable on-time delivery with fewer surprises and risks.

Even More Reasons To Choose Vates

Here are more details about why Vates is the top choice for software development outsourcing in Argentina:

  • Vates invests 7% into research and development. Our concept of the Vates Hive is how we focus as a team to:
    • Analyze and improve processes
    • Study and adopt new methodologies
    • Incorporate new technologies and tools
    • Boost collaboration within Vates and with our clients
    • Increase quality at every step of every project (learn more about our weekly Quality Scorecard)
    • Feed our passion for innovation while creating value for our clients.
  • Vates project managers are certified in and utilizing Agile methodologies came out of our Vates Hive and our clients, from Fortune 500 companies to smaller boutique IT firms love it. Faster results with lower risks.
  • Our culture is built with collaboration from the ground up, from our Agile methods to our Atlassian services to our inherent synergistic spirit.
  • 25+ years of experience with software quality control processes has enabled us to offer testing-as-a-service models that heighten quality while lowering costs for our clients. Flexible, scalable, and often speeding time-to-market for our clients’ projects.
  • With all these strengths, we have been able to develop service offerings for example, our Vates Smart Home solution that accelerate IoT projects and reduce risks especially during hardware component selection.

Our Clients


Nearshoring Turnkey Projects or Staff Augmentation

With our certified project managers and technical staff, we can deliver your project faster with fewer surprises, from start to finish. Or, if you need specific skill sets to augment your onshore team, we can seamlessly integrate in your time zone. Using our proprietary staffing processes, we can rapidly ramp up the technology experience your project’s nearshore staffing needs.

Project Team Skill Sets


  • Custom Software Development
  • DBA - Database Administrators
  • System Integrator Engineers
  • IoT-end to-end solutions - developer and system integrators
  • Big Data Consultants
  • Computer Vision solutions - Facial Recognition, Image recognition and more
  • Cloud-based Solutions
  • AI / Machine Learning
  • Atlassian Developers (certified Gold Partners)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)


Programming Languages & Frameworks


  • Java
  • .Net
  • C/C++
  • Python
  • Oracle PL/SQL - Forms
  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • Node.JS
  • jQuery
  • Angular
  • React
  • Swift
  • Objective C
  • Android
  • Cordova
  • Phonegap
  • ABAP
  • Cobol

Vates Lab Sets Us Apart

Vates Lab was developed out of our R&D activities to propel us as an exponential organization able to  bring solutions to our clients’ projects that speed delivery to market, provide disruptive user experiences, and create value.

The Vates Lab program sets us apart from other nearshore software development companies as we lead the adoption of emerging technology and drive drive innovation.


Within the lab, we harness the power of prototyping to reduce costs and mitigate risks. The Vates Lab team is composed of senior Customer Software developers, systems integators, systems engineers, IoT engineers, Big Data engineers, Computer Vision engineers, Machine Learning specialists, and more. 


Most Requested Service Offerings

IoT Systems Integration

IoT systems integration enables you to continue to harvest the value from your legacy systems while bringing them into the modern digital age seamlessly connecting with new applications and devices.

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Big Data Consulting

Our big data consulting and solutions delivery teams help clients harness the power that lies within their data. We help you navigate the rapidly converging data mining, AI, and machine-learning fields.

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Our TaaS model enables flexibility for our clients to adjust the service to their needs. We facilitate the preparation of testing environments and build teams of professionals with the specific abilities needed.

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Benefits of Hiring Nearshore IT Resources

Our US and Canadian clients find that the tradeoffs between hiring farshore (India, Philippines, Eastern European, etc.) and nearshore (Latin and Central American) work best for them. 

Slightly higher nearshore software development rates provide higher benefits in these areas:

Working hours are the same time zones. If onsite visits are required, transportation costs and lost time to jet lag are much lower.
Similar Culture
The social culture of LATAM countries like Chile and Argentina is very similar to North American styles of communication and inclinations to be team players.
Our software development rates are significantly lower than US rates. We use a blended team of senior and more junior skill sets to achieve your project budget without compromising on quality.

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