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Find Out How Complete Systems Integration, Delivered Faster With Less Go-to-Market Risk and Lower Costs

End-to-End IoT Solutions

Companies that use Vates' end-to-end IoT solutions benefit from experienced IoT engineers that fully understand systems integration and great user experiences. Work with your dedicated project manager and our engineers to create multi-platform, fully integrated IoT apps for your customers using state-of-the-art integrated architectures, MVP development, and thorough testing services. Our Vates lab environment helps your company avoid costly hardware component selection and interoperability mistakes early and throughout your project. Knowing about hardware is key and Vates goes beyond IoT development to full systems integrators with end-to-end project management. Your users will thank you.

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Our Clients

IoT Systems Integrator Solutions

Experience in IoT software development often is not enough to produce successful products. You need to be able to design the right product without costly mistakes that affect your go-to-market readiness, profitability, and reputation. Adding our IoT systems integrator engineers is key to your success. 



Our systems integrators are flexible in working with legacy systems and integrating them with end-to-end solutions. Their vast knowledge of the IoT landscape and top players in the market empowers their decision-making process and produces a superior end result of a custom IoT project. Our IoT engineering firm boosts the abilities of global brands and entrepreneurs to succeed by developing the right IoT solutions.

Most IoT projects require a diverse range of engineers. Our teams include engineers with experience and passion in big data and real-time analytics, computer vision, software architecture, and much more. Our experienced engineers accelerate your product’s go-to-market delivery or solve your specific problems with the right skillset. Vates’ experience with IoT ranges from developing commercial IoT solutions to Industrial IoT (IIoT) products. 


We go beyond just being IoT developers offering complete, inter-operative systems-integrator solutions. Our Vates team is your partner as your company embarks on its digital transformation projects.Our skilled developers offer solutions for your smallest project component to full turn-key solutions.

Vates is a Unique IoT Services Company

  • 90% Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • Blended skill levels on dedicated IoT Teams led by senior engineers for best in class delivery at economical rates
  • IoT Systems Integrator Services
  • IoT Data Analytics Consulting
  • 7% R&D investment levels for building and maintaining momentum in innovation.
  • Proof-of-Concept (PoC) to market-ready IoT products - Full Cycle Solutions
  • Experience working with Fortune 500 companies and innovative entrepreneurs
  • Experience architecting and developing
    • Market-ready products with FDA certified devices
    • Commercial IoT products
    • Industrial IoT products


Vates Rapid Prototyping (VRP)

At Vates, our IoT development experience has proven that knowing the science just isn't enough. Methodology is key. In fact, our rapid prototyping lab is the driver for our amazingly high customer satisfaction rate. Fewer surprises and lower costs create happy customers.

Here is a brief view of how we work at Vates to produce reliable results and reduce the risk of costly errors. 

We design and create innovative IoT solutions using our proprietary Vates Rapid Prototyping (VRP) methodology. The repeatable process supports extremely fast deadlines as we design and deliver the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to maximize the gathering of feedback and validation of product functionality. This enables you, our client, to determine when to pivot and when to proceed with further investment. The methodology produces early detection of design flaws and invalid assumptions that affect technical, operational, and economic feasibility. 

Bottom line: Using VRP in device development saves your business time and money and creates delighted customers and raving fans for your products.

IoT Industries Experience

Below are some of the industries in which we have delivered Consumer IoT, Commercial IoT, and Industrial IoT projects:

  • SmartHome IoT integration and application development - See IoT Case Study Here, See Smart Home Case Study Here
  • Industrial IoT (IIot) solutions for the automotive industry
  • Low power IoT sensor solutions for the healthcare industry
  • IoT-based predictive maintenance solutions
  • GPS IOT Asset Tracking solutions for the mining industry
  • Chronic illness IoT solutions - Routine health checks are brought in house to alleviate hospitals via IoT solutions
  • Blood pressure IoT chronic illness solutions with FDA certified devices
  • Monitoring Sensor - bluetooth to cell phone to hospital’s cloud for access by patients’ doctors
  • IoT Worker Safety solutions for high risk work environments
  • Adapting IoT solutions for international frequencies and other adaptability issues

Custom IoT Solutions

As companies and entrepreneurs embark on their digital transformation projects, off the shelf IoT solutions may not be enough. At Vates we help companies develop their custom IoT solutions so they can focus and value proposition and marketing.

IoT Transportation Services

By installing sensors in a loading truck, they can provide detailed information of the truck's path by measuring height, speed, humidity, road vibrations and more.

IoT Healthcare Solutions

Safety in hospital and healthcare facilities can be greatly enhanced by tracking equipment and patients, providing information about where they have been, for how long and notify users in an asset has left the premises.

IoT Smart HOME

Smart Home products with a comprehensive set of functionalities that range from being able to control locks, light switches, and cameras inside a home.

IoT Manufacturing Solutions

Workers and assets can be monitored by installing sensors and Smart Glasses, allowing supervisors to manage their performance, know their location and provide instructions in real time

The IoT market will grow to about $520 billion in 2021, more than double its size in 2017.
- Bain & Company

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    What IoT Solution Can We Build for You?

    Our loT services connect your business with the physical world. We make your business smarter and agile using big data, cloud, and machine learning technology. 

    • Connected Assets: Know where and how your business assets are being used
    • Connected Operations: Improve your operations by collecting data and analyzing it through advanced analytic technology to obtain insights and increase predictability.
    • Connected Supply Chain: Tap into the data gathered by IoT devices, and get complete visibility of products, all the way from manufacturer to retailer.
    • Connected Facilities: Empower facilities monitoring and management
    • Connected Manufacturing: Improve production efficiency using smarter decisions made possible through advanced analytics enabled by IoT


    Let’s talk about your next IoT project.

    Diverse IoT Technology Integrator Services

    Defining the right hardware and prototyping is essential before going to market. Our IoT systems integrator service verifies and validates through our high-end prototyping service that your product is success-ready and able to make the innovative splash you envision. 

    Our IoT Teams are comprised of:

    • IoT Engineers
    • Computer Vision Engineers
    • Big Data Engineers
    • Real-Time Analytic Engineers
    • Machine Learning Engineers
    • Software Engineers
    • Robotics Engineers


    Our IoT engineers have experience working with a diverse set of technologies. Here are some of our many specialty areas:

    • Sensors and actuators like Fibaro, Wemo, and AEOtec
    • Protocols such as Z-Wave, WiFi, and Bluetooth
    • Gateways such as Raspberry, Orange PI, CyberTAN,  and Advantech
    • More specific hardware such as microcontrollers ESP32 and ESP8266
    • In-depth knowledge of open source protocols of the LoRa and Z-Wave Alliances.

    IoT Architecture Stages

    We have mastered the 4 main stages of IoT Architecture evident in our 90+% IoT customer satisfaction rating.

    Stage 1 - Sensors & Actuators

    Sensors and actuators are the critical hardware components that drive your IoT application fueling it with accurate, credible data. 


    Our team of engineers leveraging myriad sensor technology such as accelerometers, humidity sensors, gyroscopes, temperature sensors, capacitive touch sensors, microphones, optical sensors, digital compasses, electromagnetic field sensors, liquid level indicators, pressure sensors, proximity detectors, imaging sensors, and multi-component sensor technology such as IMUs, MEMS sensors, and system-in-package (SiP) sensor modules. 


    Our IoT systems integrators and other members of our engineering teams have experience working with custom IoT sensor development with microcontrollers ESP32, ESP8266, and other technologies for custom IoT solutions. Our team brings experience with a growing list of manufacturers such as FIBARO, AEOTec, and  other Z-Wave-compatible sensor device companies.


    Working with protocols such as Z-Wave, WiFi, and Bluetooth (BLE), our engineers design how your IoT device takes data from stage 1 to stage 2 where interpretation of the incoming data begins.

    Stage 2 - Gateways

    Gateway technology such as Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi, CyberTAN ZE 250, Compulab MintBox Mini 2 Pro, Advantech UTX-311, and Data Acquisition Systems (DAS) digest, digitize, and aggregate incoming data. 


    Our developers and engineers select and integrate technologies that  optimize your product’s gateway architecture. Whether your project is to overhaul and re-energize legacy devices or to create the latest new thing in next-gen devices for the Internet of Things (IoT), our team defines and delivers the inter-working components for networking, managing data storage, reporting edge analytics, and enabling secure data transfer between the cloud and devices.


    Our gateway design and implementation experience includes solutions without IoT operating systems and with IoT operating systems and embedded environments such a Raspbian, Wind River, Linux, OSMC, Ubuntu Core, and more.

    Stage 3 - Edge IT

    While architecting the edge computing platform for your IoT project, our engineers consider how to optimize the solution to leverage the best of the robust and effective secure storage and processing capabilities of the cloud and the nimbleness of data collection and localized processing of your device. Our multi-disciplinary team innovates IoT edge solutions to reduce or eliminate latency between IoT devices and the cloud as well as to harden the device and data against security breaches.


    The local edge processing architecture handles the immense quantity and diversity of data acquired by the device’s sensors and manages the interpretation of that data locally resulting in faster hardware reactions and real-time alerts that make your IoT application useful to its end users.


    The critical edge IT components deliver the complex event processing and machine learning that bring your embedded application to life while simultaneously supporting critical user-oriented and product support functions such as data storage and management. Whether your solution requires an application running directly on the edge utilizing containerized app models or allows for a decentralized architecture, our engineers optimize each component and the integration of the components. 

    Stage 4 - Cloud

    The data center, usually cloud-based, is key and the final stage of IoT architecture. Storage of sensor data from IoT devices enables deeper analytics for feedback on device and application performance as well as opportunities for new functionality or even new products. Often, an applications data or aggregated set of its data are commingled with community sensor data which amplifies opportunities for improvements, innovations, and inventions. 


    During the cloud or data storage architecture stage, the skills of both IT and operational technology (OT) professionals are vital. It is in this sometimes incredibly large amalgam of data that superior analytical skills in both the digital and real worlds produce insight and support decision-making by both humans and the machine-learning devices. 


    The architecture of the data storage and design of analytical functions are what assure that accurate, high quality information is fed back to the physical world. Use of probabilistic models for error detection and recovery, heuristics, and game theory are often desired data manipulations and analytic processes. Architecture based on these requirements early in the cloud data storage design reduces costs and maximizes opportunities. Applications for complex cloud data storage architectures include smart disaster  evaluation and recovery, municipal monitoring and control, and medical monitoring for healthcare patients.