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Vates’ Big Data consulting and solutions delivery teams are led by senior engineers with deep insight into helping you harness the power that lies within your data you have invested in gathering and storing. We invest continually in R&D to ensure that our teams have the tools and expertise needed to navigate the fast-paced converging Big Data, data mining, AI, and machine learning fields. 



We leverage our Fortune 500 experience and continual investment in learning to build the data science solutions you need to uncover hidden opportunities and make rapid decisions.

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Big Data Consulting for Successful Projects

Our blended teams using a variety of technologies, backgrounds, and experience deliver the well-architected and efficient data structuring, storage, streaming, and interpreting systems. Solutions that help you create new products and services, improve existing offerings, and make faster, superior decisions, all while lowering your operational or manufacturing costs. We provide big data consulting, end-to-end big data project management using advanced Scrum techniques, or staff augmentation for your teams including:

  • Collecting or structuring existing data stores using Big Data frameworks to assemble disparate sets of data types from well-curated traditional data to Internet of Things sensors to text analytics using omni-channel input from social media, email, rich and complex blog content, and search history.

  • Creating real-time solutions to grasp intelligence and drive immediate response to streaming information.
  • Architecting solutions to glean knowledge and deepen insight from the hidden patterns in customer behavior, Industry 4.0 manufacturing operations, medical treatments and outcomes, and other data-rich industries that are challenged with the sheer volume of information at their disposal.
  • Employing the interpretations from the data sources to induce machine learning, to advance artificial intelligence “understanding” of a body of knowledge, or to drive executive and operational decisions about product development and process improvement.

The Problem: So Much Data

The unfathomable quantity of data generated daily is almost 3 quintillion bytes...that’s 18 zeroes. But with more data harvesting from business process automation and acceleration of commercial and business Internet of Things (IoT) products and services, the trend is upward and at an ever-quickening velocity. To bring some perspective to these hard-to-grasp facts, more than 90% of the data that exists in the world today was produced in the last couple of years.

Consider that humans developed a capacity for language 50,000 years ago...and over that time, in a mere 2 years, we have increased the amount of data 10-fold. Even if you consider since the dawn of the computer in the mid-1800s, it is still astounding.

Once you finish contemplating those marvel-worthy facts, you will soon realize the sifting through the mountains of statistics, details, and particulars that we refer to as business data is a monumental undertaking. Big data consultants are the guides through this challenging trail of traditional structured and unstructured data sources.

Mitchell Kapor, early application development pioneer and American entrepreneur remarked, “Getting information off the Internet is like taking a drink from a fire hose.” So, it begs the question, what is it like to collect your data from multi-channel sources and IoT sensors. Perhaps, a tidal wave is not enough volume and force to describe what it can feel like to be an executive or operational manager trying to glean value from Big Data.

Your Problem Can Be Your Opportunity

Business generates data more rapidly than ever before. But the key is to surf that tidal wave of incoming data, overcoming issues of storing and processing it, rather than being awash. Upon solving these complex issues, you can position your business to thrive on the competitive intelligence that Big Data and analytics tools can derive. 

But how do you start? Our Big Data consultants work with you to define what to invest in and what benefits to expect. We start with an assessment of your Big Data sources and existing storage strategies. Based on interviews with your stakeholders or focus groups we devise a strategy and a roadmap of projects to produce early results while driving to a sophisticated solution for optimizing the harvesting of hidden treasures in your massive quantities of collected data. 

Your Big Data development roadmap helps you determine the investments required to make faster and better business decisions, to build efficient and cost-effective operations, and to identify product and service improvement opportunities. All orchestrating a stronger, more profitable, and resilient business by reducing costs and by creating happier, more loyal customers in your demanding marketplace.

Talk with us about how Hadoop and/or cloud-based big data analytics tools can transform your business model and potentially disrupt your industry.

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    Big Data Example: Telecommunications Industry

    In the Telecommunications business, Big Data has become essential in understanding and predicting consumer behavior as well as assessing the quality of the products or services being offered. The metadata generated by each of millions of events has to be deconstructed and analyzed, enabling companies to design hyper-targeted marketing campaigns, create innovative products and services, and identify dissatisfied customers.The result is a 360-degree customer-centric focus based on a data-driven business model, which helps us better understand customer experience.

    Vates developed a solution which enables the processing and analysis of unstructured and structured metadata from multiple sources in near-real time. This solution can help uncover hidden patterns, trends, customer insights and other useful business information that can increase business value exponentially. Using a variety of big data tools and its industry experience, Vates helps Telecommunication companies offer better quality of service, build better and stronger bonds with its customer base, and increase customer satisfaction. The outcome is higher profitability while ensuring long term growth.

    Vates’ Approach to Big Data

    Partnering with IBM Streaming

    Big Data is about the three Vs: Volume, Variety and Velocity. These concepts apply to the Telecommunications industry to a higher degree given the need to process billions of datasets from multiple sources in near-real time. For that purpose, Vates chose IBM Streaming Analytics - IBM Streams to better serve our telecommunications clients. This provides us with a distinct competitive advantage that is two-fold. First, IBM Streams is widely used in the industry, which helps in the implementation phase. And secondly,  it enables us to save our clients valuable time in the development phase due to our ample experience in using this platform. 

    In the next section, we attempt to show how Vates  was able to successfully implement these three principles seamlessly and successfully.

    Telecom Project Results

    Vates’ Big Data consultants proposed to start a small prototype to prove the concepts and opportunities associated with implementing a Big Data solution on a large scale. The first step was to start with a simple use case applied to a specific event: the ability to detect when a customer went below a minimum account balance and potentially trigger an SMS informing the consumer of the low balance on the account.

    Given the success of this particular use case, Vates’ client requested to expand into other use cases. Based on data analysis from the IT team, we were able to identify which and how many customers were requesting a “credit loan” from the provider when the account reached a zero balance. This information enabled Vates’ client to deliver higher revolving credit amounts for specific customers with “good credit and payment history”, thus increasing customer loyalty and decreasing churn rate.

    Telecom Project Results in Long-Term Relationship

    Currently, Vates is helping this client analyze data coming from three Latin American countries. The volume of files received is 35 million csv files or 100 terabytes of data per month, which places our solution among the top processors of data in the region.

    Big data is not all about having unlimited amounts of information - it's more about receiving high-quality information specific to your business when it is needed. Vates’ solution enables the processing of information not only to improve customer experience, but also to increase innovation and profitability. By utilizing IBM streams, we are able to work with csv, fixed position or xml files as well as receive data over sockets. As a result, Vates is capable of working with data from different formats and originating from different locations. For instance, in one use case, we are able to check the quality of the network in near-real time. We receive xml files with measurements about the position of an antenna and its deviations, which enables us to gage how well is the signal working at that particular location. Our client then receives the information to make the necessary corrections (if needed) based on the data they provided to us initially.

    Work With Vates to Accelerate your Big Data Projects

    Outsourcing your big data project to our Big Data engineers and experienced programmers helps you accelerate and improve the quality of your Big Data analytics solutions. Our teams are comprised of 70% senior real-time big data analytics professionals. If you need specific skills to complement your existing team, utilize our staff augmentation services to fill in the gaps. No matter the technological needs or project team structure, we have rapid staff-up procedures and a reputation as a top company to work for, so we can quickly fill your development needs. 

    Architect an efficient structured data warehouse, interpret streaming information instantaneously, integrate disparate data sources, process petabytes of complex content...whatever your project, Vates’ experience and design processes can help you prevent design mistakes, especially early on in the project where if discovered later are very costly to repair. 

    Technology Stack

    Big Data Processing

    • Apache Kafka® / Kafka® Streams

    • Cloudera Apache Spark™

    • IBM® Streams

    • Apache Flink

    Database (SQL/NOSQL)

    • Apache Cassandra™

    • Amazon Redshift

    • Apache Hive™

    • Apache HBase™

    • MongoDB

    • Cloudera Impala


    • Apache Airflow

    • Apache Zookeeper™

    • Apache NiFi

    Distributed Storage

    • Hadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)

    Machine Learning

    • TensorFlow

    • KNime®

    • Jupyter Notebook

    • RStudio

    • Amazon SageMaker

    Programming Languages

    • Java

    • Python

    • R

    • SPL (Streams Processing Language)

    Work With Vates on Your Big Data Project

    Bring your ideas or your lack of ideas to us for help in taming your data stores into helpful, valuable information. Andrew Hogue, previous Senior VP of Foursquare, now Google’s Director of AI Engineering gleaned a simple, but profound fact from Foursquare’s mountains of data, “For every two degrees the temperature goes up, check-ins at ice cream shops go up by 2%.” Insight from data can change everything. What will your Andrew Hogue moment be? 


    Talk with one of our Big Data consultants today to discover how you can be one of our satisfied clients.

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